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Should your child become ill during the time that he or she is in the care of Crayon College or suffer an accident of any nature, the center will contact you immediately and shall be authorized to secure such medical attention and care for the child as may be necessary.  (The parent will assume responsibility for payment).  You must keep the center informed as to (the changes in telephone numbers, etc.) where you may be reached.

Understand that it is your responsibility to provide the center with current immunization records for your child prior to enrollment

Crayon College will administer medication as needed. The following health and safety guidelines will be followed:

1.    Parents have the option of signing permission for the administration of Tylenol and Motrin. This may be given based on label directions. Parents will be called before medicine is given.

2.  Over the counter medications may be given based on label directions.

3.  Prescription medications may be given based on label directions. The medication may be given only to the child for whom it is prescribed and it must be in the original bottle.

4.  A Medication Administration Log is kept daily at the front desk. Parent's must complete and sign the log daily, before any medication can be administered.

5.  Sun safe practices will be used during outdoor activities in the warmer months.

Medical Emergencies

If your child should become injured at the center and needs treatment by a health care professional, we’ll make every effort to contact you. In the event of an emergency, we will make sure that your child receives any necessary emergency treatment until we can reach you.

Crayon College emergency medical procedure:

1.    Contact parent

2.  Contact person listed as emergency contact.

3.  Call emergency medical team, if necessary

4.  Have emergency medical team transport to nearest hospital

5.  Will seek medical attention from Doctor on call at Wesley Medical Center.  Phone # 601-268-8193

Emergency Information

It is important that parents keep the center informed of how they can be reached at all times in the event of an emergency. This includes all work, home, and cell numbers for both parents and any other emergency contacts.

Because we strive to maintain a safe environment for your child, we make every attempt to be prepared to handle emergency situations. Our staff is trained in CPR and first aid. An emergency plan is posted in each classroom. We conduct regular fire and disaster drills. The local fire department makes annual inspections with recommendations for improved safety.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

In order to provide a safe, healthy environment for each child to grow and develop we maintain a center free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use. Their use or presence is prohibited in the building or grounds.